Carsten Thiel: How To Navigate The Role Of A Young Leader — Young Upstarts

Head In The Direction Of Your Passion.

In order for any leader to be successful within a professional assignment, passion must propel an unwavering commitment to excellence. Without an inherent interest in the subject matter at hand, desire to excel and grow, and need to gain valuable experience within every aspect of an industry, even the brightest individuals cannot maximize their leadership potential. For students, and young professionals on the brink of embarking on their professional journey, discovering a professional passion, and following this passion, can make a tremendous difference in outcome.

Gain Experience In A Multitude Of Roles.

For any young leader responsible for directing teams of individuals within various departments, being able to understand the many operational aspects of a company can be vastly beneficial. Thus, gaining well-rounded experience through participation in multiple roles can allow young leaders the opportunity to not only put themselves in the proverbial shoes of their team members, but to also understand the integral role of each team member as a part of the whole.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Your Ground.

In any leadership situation, the propensity to have your viewpoints challenged may present itself at any time. For young leaders, this can be especially difficult, as the desire to avoid proverbially ruffling any feathers may be at the forefront of consideration. However, it is important for young leaders to recognize their own proficiencies, ethics, and instincts, and to be able to stand their ground when necessary. Obviously, it is important to examine all opposing forces, pertinent facts, and other needed information prior to taking an unwavering stance.

Lead By Example.

Perhaps the most widely recognized leadership tactic, the adage of leading by example can be applied to just about any situation, and within any industry. By exhibiting the same behaviors that you expect from team members, and adhering to the same standards that you would like to see from others, you can set the precedent to be followed. Not only will the leader’s own adherence to these universal standards manifest similar followed behavior, it will impart peers with the knowledge that the leader considers themselves to be a responsible part of the team.



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